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Darkness Before Dawn


Far left Suma Hikosaka, far right Nichikai.

In 2005, the 67th Nichiren Shoshu High Priest Nikken retired; however, Nichiren Shoshu is keeping its authoritarian monastic rituals.

SokaSpirit.com editors have translated "Darkness Before Dawn," which discusses the infamous former Soka Gakkai Chief Legal Counselor Masatomo Yamazaki and his anti-Soka Gakkai machinations with the high priests.

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Yumo Matsuoka

5. Revelation of the Theoretical Basis for the Teaching of the Three Great Secret Laws in Modern Times

Read the Matsuoka Essay Chapter 5

Do you adopt the Gakkai’s position that Nichikan’s view of the Gohonzon is the ultimate teaching of Nichiren?

Open letter to Nikken Abe with 70 questions

Queries 1-5 | Queries 6-10 | Queries 11-15 | Queries 16-20 | Queries 21-25

I asked Nikken Abe to “present some external evidence of the ‘transmission...

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Darkness Before Dawn
PDF files from part 1 through 19 are available now.
Matsuoka Essay
PDF file of the first installment is available now.
Open Letter: 70 Questions
PDF file of the Query 1-5 is available now.
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Q: The Nichiren Shoshu claims that since the high priest alone has received the heritage of the Law, our claiming to receive the heritage independent of him prevents us from attaining enlightenment. Is this true?
A: No, this is not the intent of the Daishonin's statement regarding the general and specific. Nikken and his priesthood assert that "general" refers to all believers and "specific" refers to priests, particularly the high priest. » read more...