During the insane age we live in, people live in a world of ignorance and confusion. Few of us are able to see clearly the true nature of our lives.

In the final analysis, humans have in fact created an insane environment. A seed of deviance and irrational thinking first grows in one individual’s life.  This individual arouses the same abnormality in the minds of others, thus affecting the environment and the times we live in.

This era of insanity creates an atmosphere that affects every person. This movement of dark forces can be self-perpetuating and can continue a long time.

Another aspect of the abnormal thinking we are speaking of is a sense of superiority over others – the idea that there is a natural hierarchy. The person suffering this form of insanity nurtures a deep inferiority complex that causes him (or her) to  find satisfaction  only when they are discriminating against, oppressing, and controlling others.

Most people simply are ignorant or indifferent to the activities of these “devilish minds.” Most in society take for granted the era of insanity, and inadvertently or not, they tend to assist the “powers-that-be.

However, it is the people who have the power to  end the age of insanity. Those who can develop their natural sense of equality into a systematic philosophy and then take action based on it – they are capable of creating a united movement based upon human rights, justice, freedom and philanthropy. Such a movement among people can permeate society and change the very nature of discourse. It will defeat the forces of insanity. One who serves as an axle of this movement might be called a pioneer leader. Any movement without a robust axle is no different from quicksand.

 Such pioneers or leaders can become targets of those who oppose equality. In other words, they can become the targets for those who, standing atop the mountain of hierarchy, look down upon people. 

What makes things worse is the existence of those  who follow those mean-spirited individuals with absolute obedience. By obeying one they see as powerful, these followers protect themselves, and align themselves with what they perceive as power. It is all based on their ideas of hierarchy in human existence. The man at the top of this pyramid becomes unreachable and aloof from the heart of the people.

The Soka Gakkai has borne successfully with the era of insanity that has been brought about by Nikken Abe and his Nichiren Shoshu priesthood, and now we initiate an age of triumph for the people. Largely, this is possible because of the leadership of pioneer members, including our honorary president Daisaku Ikeda. The Soka Gakkai made effort to build harmony between the priesthood and laity, but the priesthood responded to sincerity with cynicism and began to control the lay organization and take advantage of the lay believers’ sincere hearts.

The authoritarianism of the priesthood suppresses the lay people’s passionate faith and forces absolute obedience upon them. This kind of insanity continued for about thirty years in Nichiren Shoshu, poisoning its relationship with the Soka Gakkai. Throughout these thirty years, the authority of the priesthood attempted to heartlessly choke the religious freedom of the Soka Gakkai, and unsparingly used the sword of cruelty against the lay organization.

Having overcome these hardships, the Soka Gakkai has maintained its supreme mission. From its inception,the Soka Gakkai’s mission has been to fulfill the Buddha’s mandate of kosen-rufu. However, this mission might have been lost without the strict views of Soka Gakkai leaders, including Honorary President Ikeda, a man of forbearance.

This book concerns the theme of “Masatomo Yamazaki and the Temple Issue.” Why did the notorious Masatomo Yamazaki, who seems to have completely lost his  mind, and the Nichiren Shoshu hierarchy work together to eradicate the Soka Gakkai?

Beginning in 1972, I spent seven years working under Yamazaki. I was also a lay believer of Nichiren Shoshu for thirty years until Nikken Abe, the current high priest of Nichiren Shoshu, excommunicated the Soka Gakkai in 1991. I believe that writing about the theme of “Masatomo Yamazaki and the Temple Issue” is my destiny.

I have been sharing many incredible stories of injustice that involved Masatomo Yamazaki. It has always been on my mind to reveal how a Buddhist sect (that boasts its unparalleled connection with the highest teachings in Buddhism), and the man of no faith, Masatomo Yamazaki, united to destroy the Soka Gakkai, the one organization fighting to realize the Buddha’s mandate.

The essence of what happened throughout the course of the Gakkai’s association with the priesthood of Nichiren Shoshu was crystal clear to me. What connected the priests with Masatomo Yamazaki was a deep-rooted sense of inferiority and a strong desire to control people based upon their hierarchical point of view, which is the other side of their inferiority complex. Hence, the present day era of insanity came into existence. I have long thought that posterity may come to an incorrect conclusion, unless we expose the truth of what happened during this period of insanity within Nichiren Shoshu.

In revealing the truth of the matter, I have used a variety of methods: at times in the form of recollection, as a man who lived through this period, and at other times in the form of reportage. For this reason, some readers may find inconsistencies in terms of the sentence style employed in each chapter. For this reason, I would rather use the term dankan or part instead of chapter for each segment of this book. I hope you will discover the truth that underlies each part.