Matsuoka Queries

Open letter to Nikken Abe with 70 questions--Queries: 6-10

Yumo Matsuoka

Young Priests’ Association to Reform Nichiren Shoshu

Using the example of the transfer ceremony between former high priests Nichijyun and Nittatsu, I asked Nikken Abe to “present some external evidence of the ‘transmission box’ (sojobako) to Nichiren Shoshu priests.” I also requested that he “take a picture of the transmission box and display it in public.” Then I asked him why he cannot do these things? Nikken refused to answer my requests, saying “I clearly refuse it,” in his letter dated December 13th, 2005. With this inadequate reply, it has become almost definite now that Nikken doesn’t have possession of the transmission box. Right after Ushitora gongyo, in the early hours of December 12th, 2005, Nikken Abe “transferred the Law” to Nichinyo Hayase. Present were general administrator Nissho Yagi, Shido Ogawa, director of Taiseki-ji, and Doko Kobayashi, chief secretary of the high priest. This means that this secretly conducted transmission ceremony was most likely not a genuine one, because it was held without the transmission box. Now, I ask Nikken Abe the following:

  1. If you maintain that the contents of the Kawabe memo were mere subjective opinion by Kawabe, then who was the “G” whom Shinno Abe criticized? And, referring to the Kawabe memo, where exactly is the subjective expression by Kawabe within the memo? Please point it out specifically. Why is such an expression said to be Kawabe’s subjective view? Explain the reason objectively.

When I stated with certainty that “high priest Abe (Nikken) didn’t conduct the eye-opening ceremony for wood block Gohonzons by placing them in front of the altar,” Nikken and his associates responded with total negation as follows: “High Priest Nikken Shonin, since his inauguration as high priest, has placed all Gohonzon, including wood block Gohonzons, on the Buddhist altar on the occasion of midnight (Ushitora) gongyo, thus conducting the eye-opening ceremony. This is such a strict approach that he not only conducts the eye-opening at the stage of unframed and un-engraved, but also conducts a purification rite after framing and engraving these Gohonzons.” (from a letter dated December 13th, 2005). I could not have imagined that Nikken could construct such a complex series of lies.

Considering Nikken’s past performance at various court cases, it is obvious that he can effectively lie with a nonchalant air, changing his statements without slightest shame.  What a person he is! We can do nothing but just marvel at his behavior. On this matter alone, all the priests at Taiseki-ji must laugh and call him “a great liar” in their minds.

This is my sworn statement: When I worked at Taiseki-ji, I never saw anyone placing the every unframed wood block Gohonzons on the Buddhist altar for midnight (Ushitora) gongyo. Even more unthinkable is the claim that wood block gohonzon are placed there after framing, for the purpose of conducting a purification rite at the altar during midnight (ushitora) gongyo. Before Nichiren Shoshu separated from Soka Gakkai, there were an enormous number of wood block Gohonzons to be bestowed upon members. If you were to consider placing hundreds of thousands of wood block Gohonzons in front of the Buddhist altar on two occasions, before and after framing, this would make delivering them alone an unprecedented operation. Nikken, why are you telling such a childish lie?

I demand that you answer the following:

  1. Reveal publicly the total number of wood block Gohonzons you bestowed between your inauguration as high priest up until your resignation.
  1. How were such an enormous number of unframed Gohonzons moved to the Buddhist altar for the midnight gongyo? Who moved them? And how were such an enormous number of framed wood block Gohonzons also moved to the Buddhist altar for midnight gongyo and unloaded. Who moved and unloaded them? What was the procedure for this grand operation?
  1. How often was such operation conducted at the occasion of midnight gongyo?
  1. 10. During the time that all wood block Gohonzons were delivered out of Hodo-in temple, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, why was the eye-opening prayer not conducted in front of the Buddhist altar at midnight gongyo in Taiseki-ji?